Concerned Black Men, Inc. of Philadelphia "Caring for our youth" ...since 1975
Membership Requirements                              
    New members are referred to as "Aspiring Members."  Aspiring members have essentially the same rights as members, but they may not vote.
The following steps are required for membership:
  • Attendance at an orientation session, which provides information and answers, questions about the organization.


  • You must submit to a background check for criminal history of child abuse offenses.  Individuals with convictions for child abuse crimes are ineligible for membership in CBM.  Prospective members with Previous arrest or convictions will be considered on an individual basis. 

  • Regular attendance at General Body Meetings, CBM functions and active participation on a committee or program for at least 120 calendar days.
  • Aspiring members are usually voted into the organization at the annual or the mid year retreat.  You must receive a unanimous vote from the general body to become a member.




Members in good standing refers to those members who:



  • Are participating or, who have reasonably participated on committees;
  • Have met their financial obligations to the organization by the prescribed deadlines;

  • Have participated in activities sponsored by the organization; and

  • Have not violated or, be in violation of any section or principle expressed in the by laws or any other policy, rule or regulation of the organization.

Fees and Dues

           A membership fee shall be charged upon being voted in as a member of the organization.  All members shall pay a  annual membership dues, paid in January of each calendar year.